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Cadbury Milk Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Cheesecake is the best dessert ever! I love baked cheesecakes but recently because of the summer heat, I'm trying to use my oven less and less. So no bake desserts are my jam! These cheesecake desserts are super simple and taste so silky and smooth. You won't want to share them!

Preparation Time 20 minutes

Set Time 2 hours

Serves 3-4


6 oreos- crushed

200 grams milk chocolate- separated

1 and 1/3 cup double cream- separated

220 grams cream cheese - room temperature

1/3 cup condensed milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

a pinch of salt


  1. Place a bowl and beater sticks in the freezer until ready to beat cream.

  2. Cut 100 grams of the milk chocolate into small pieces. Melt in the microwave at 10 second bursts and mix until smooth. Set it aside to cool slightly.

  3. Beat 1 cup heavy cream until stiff peaks.

  4. Add the cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla and salt. Beat until stiff peaks. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and mix again.

  5. Divide this mixture into 2 bowls.

  6. Add the melted chocolate to one of the bowls. Beat until smooth.

  7. Place both the cheesecake mixtures into separate piping bags. Place them in the fridge until ready to pipe.

  8. Grind the Oreos. Place them in the bottom of the serving bowls.

  9. Layer with the Cadbury cheesecake mixture. Freeze for 20 minutes.

  10. Then pipe on the plain cheesecake mixture. Flatten with a spatula and freeze until set.

  11. For the ganache: Combine 100 grams chocolate with 1/3 cup cream. Heat in the microwave at 10 second bursts until smooth. Cool completely.

  12. Pour the ganache over the cheesecake mixture. Refrigerate 2 hours until set.

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