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Boneless Buffalo Wings

I miss having my sister here with me. Those days when we would go to restaurants and chomp down on some boneless buffalo wings together. She has the same taste in food as me and we would share with each other. One of our favourite appetisers were the boneless buffalo wings from Chili's. I love how its served with a delicious blue cheese dressing and celery. Because, the celery is what brings that dish together, right?

I deep fried these for the boys, but if you like me, cannot burn off all the fat, then you can always air fry or bake these bad boys. The air fryer makes them so crispy and they are so much more flavourful. But for those who don't care about the oil, then just stick to deep fried!!! To air fry, bake at 180c for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

Can I use a different sauce on these boneless buffalo wings?

Yes, of course. Sometimes I'll change it up and toss the chicken in BBQ sauce and serve it with ranch dressing.

An important tip with this recipe is to always toss the chicken in the sauce when the bites are still warm, so that the sauce coats the chicken properly and it gets time to absorb right in.

These buffalo chicken wings are the perfect balance of crunchy, tender, spicy, and saucy, making them absolutely irresistible to the young and old. These were the best buffalo chicken wings I’d ever made. My family have them as an appetisers of even as a movie time snack!

Preparation time 15 minutes