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Strawberry Trifle

I am the queen of desserts in our family. At any dinner party or coffee morning, I am the only one who will bring dessert, and I know it’s my job to make something truly delicious. This strawberry trifle is one of my favourites. It is so fruity, light and creamy. Normally trifles get quite heavy, but this strawberry trifle was just so beautiful, everyone was asking for seconds. To be honest, I wish I had made it even larger. But not to worry, this recipe can be doubled or tripled to your preference. 

strawberry trifle

Preparation Time 20 minutes 

Chill Time 3-4 hours 



1 pack strawberry jelly crystals 

100 grams vanilla cake - cut In 1 inch cubes 

500 grams strawberries

300 ml vanilla custard- homemade or store bought 

2 cups heavy cream- divided and beaten to stiff peaks

2 tablespoons powdered sugar 

To decorate 



  1. Mix the pack of jelly with 400 ml water. Dissolve the crystals then set it aside. 

  2. In a deep dish, layer the cake on the bottom, top with 100 grams chopped strawberries. Pour over 1 cup of the jelly mixture. 

  3. Place the dish in the fridge and allow the jelly to set. 

  4. Beat the cream until stiff peaks. 

  5. Fold only 1 cup of the whipping cream into the custard. It should be light and creamy. 

  6. Once the jelly is set, cut 200 grams of the strawberries in half lengthwise. Press the strawberries up against the sides of the dish, like in the picture. Fill the middle with the rest of the custard mixture. 

  7. Top the custard with the remainder of the jelly. It may be set, just mix it through before putting it on top of the custard. Top with an additional 100 grams chopped strawberries. 

  8. Lastly top the strawberries with the remaining 1 cup whipped cream. Decorate with strawberries 

  9. Chill the trifle for 3-4 hours until cold. 

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