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Oreo Balls

These Oreo balls are the perfect snack while we sit at home in this cold weather. They make cute little gifts during the holiday season. What's so great about this recipe is that it only requires 3 ingredients.

Want to get your little ones involved? This is a great one for them to try by themselves.

Preparation Time 10 minutes

Cool Time 20 minutes

Makes 12


18 Original Oreos- NOT double stuffed

50 grams cream cheese

1 cup chocolate chips


  1. Grind the Oreos until fine crumbs in the food processor.

  2. Add 50 grams of cream cheese. Blend again until the mixture comes together. You don't want the Oreo mixture to be wet.

  3. Set aside for 15 minutes. Do not freeze or refrigerate. This causes the chocolate coating to crack.

  4. Melt the chocolate chips until smooth. Add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil if needed to thin it out.

  5. Using a fork, coat the Oreo balls one at a time, then shake off any excess chocolate. Work quickly otherwise the chocolate will begin to solidify again.

  6. Leave to set on the counter until the chocolate is dry.

  7. For the white chocolate drizzle, melt 2 tablespoons white chocolate with a couple drops of oil. Mix until smooth. Use a small piping bag or even a spoon to drizzle the white chocolate over the Oreo balls. Set aside for 10 minutes.

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