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My Famous Roasted Vegetables

Updated: 3 days ago

I love eating vegetables now, but when I was a kid, just like all the other kids out there, I didn’t like vegetables. But my parents were very strict when it came to eating veggies. They wanted to make sure I had a fantastic diet without the need for vitamin tablets. And now I am very grateful that they bought us up to eat our vegetables.

In fact, all of our cousins knew that if they came to our house, my dad would force them all to eat their veggies. And he did. Every time! But they still love their uncle and are actually grateful now for teaching them to try new vegetables and in fact they love vegetables now too. A huge win in my books. Even to this day, my dad is in charge of my younger one when I visit them for the holidays. Dad engages the little one in stories and fun facts, and next thing you know, all the 'veggi-bubbles' are gone! 

One of our favourite ways to serve up vegetables are my famous roasted vegetables. They are so easy to make and the cooking process, keeps the vegetables fresh and bright but also breaks them down enough to keep them crunchy and sweet. 

Roasted Vegetables

Preparation Time 20 minutes 

Cook Time 30 minutes 



1 head of broccoli- cut into florets 

2 carrots - peeled and sliced in 2 inch sticks 

1 red pepper- chunks 

1 green pepper- chunks 

1 yellow pepper- chunks 

3 spring onions- cut in 2 inch sticks 

1 onion- chunks 

200 grams mushrooms- quartered 

200 grams green beans- top and tailed 

6 cloves of garlic- minced 

6 tablespoons oil 

Salt and pepper- to taste 


  1. Cut the vegetables as required, but keep them separate as they have different cooking times. 

  2. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a wok on a high heat until smoking. Add the peppers all together. Add some salt, pepper and a minced clove of garlic. 

  3. Sauté the peppers for 2-3 minutes until slightly charred and sweeter. 

  4. Remove the peppers from the wok and put them in a baking tray. 

  5. Next sauté the other vegetables one at a time. When cooking the carrots and broccoli you will need to steam them for 2 minutes after sautéing, because the carrots and broccoli take longer to cook. But other than that, the cooking process is the same. Keep sautéing and putting all the vegetables on the baking tray. 

  6. Once you have cooked all the vegetables, give them a good mix, then pop them in the oven at 180c for 20 minutes. Make sure you turn them a couple times in between. 

  7. Serve with roasted chicken, roast potatoes and gravy. 

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