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Mini Milk Ice Lollies

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

When I was a kid, I used to eat these ice lollies called Mini Milks. They were the best! Delicious milky lollies that came in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours. Especially since COVID started, I was missing my childhood and wondering what kind of future my children would be exposed to and how this pandemic has affected all the little ones out there.

So, just to make things different for my little ones, I decided to give them a taste of my childhood. And I have to say, they enjoyed every single one of these lollies. And seeing that made my day. If anyone remembers the original mini milks, they were really small, so I decided to make them full size lollies. I added vanilla to make them slightly more grown up for the kids. My kids love Vanilla.

With summer coming to an end, I wish I had added more ice lolly and ice cream recipes to the site before the weather changed, but I eat ice cream all year round so it's all good.

Preparation time 5 minutes

Chill time 5 hours

Yields 6 large Lollies


100 ml Sweetened Condensed Milk- I used home-made condensed milk.

400 ml Semi Skimmed Milk - using full fat milk creates ice crystals in the lollies.

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence


  1. Combine the sweetened condensed milk, semi skimmed milk and the vanilla together in a jug. Mix until well combined.

  2. Pour into lolly moulds.

  3. Freeze for 5 hours.

  4. To release from the mould, run the lolly mould upside down under warm water until the lollies can be pulled out.

These lollies are perfect for a hot summer's day and aren't too sweet for little ones.

I didn't want to add the plastic sticks to these lollies because they weren't as strong as the wooden sticks. So I wrapped some tin foil around the top of the lolly mould and used a knife to create small slits in the tops of the foil to insert the lolly stick. Just be sure that the slit isn't too wide otherwise the lolly stick will move around freely and won't stand upright in the freezer.

What else would you like to see on the blog and on the YouTube channel? Drop your suggestions down below and I'll try to help you in any way possible.

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